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t.a.T.u.: Hot “Lesbian” Duo “Rocks” Sochi Olympics Opening [55 PHOTOS]


Lesbian pop duo t.A.T.u. is showing up at the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony–which immediately makes for the most tolerant display of gay rights that you’re likely to see during the big event. Never mind that the gals of t.A.T.u. (which some news organizations are misspelling as “Tatu”) are really just fake lesbians. The return of  t.A.T.u. is still an exciting retro moment where Russia looks back at the wild Western influences that rocked that part of the world at the turn of the century.

We’ll assume that Vladimir Putin is cool with  t.A.T.u. because Julia Volkova and Lena Katina were always considered to be fake lesbians. Guys didn’t mind back when t.A.T.u. made their debut in 2000 with “Ya Soshla S Uma” (later translated into English as “All the Things She Said”). Julia and Lena were actually kind of fun, and really embraced their roles (and each other) as young lovers flaunting their lesbian lust in front of millions. Julia was the darker-haired beauty who’d occasionally get styled as a soft butch, while redheaded Lena was nearly always the more feminine of the two.

Back then, Russia was liberated enough to send t.A.T.u. as their representative to the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. The gals also got a big push in the American market, but t.A.T.u. couldn’t really get much respect outside of Russia. Tokyo loved them, of course, and we think their school uniforms didn’t do any harm there. Even though their first album was the real peak, Julia and Lena kept going for most of the decade, including a film and other projects.

Then there was kind of a sad break-up, with the duo disparaging each other’s solo projects. The actual break-up didn’t last very long, though, and the duo began performing again in 2013. It’s no real surprise to see them at the Sochi Opening Ceremony. Russia isn’t like, say, London. There aren’t that many famous pop tunes from there, so even Putin had to forgive t.A.T.u.’s homosexual ways in favor of cultural bragging rights. “Besides,” Putin must’ve pondered, “it’s not like they’re real lesbians.” Funny thing is, we still think you’ll find them to be very sexy….

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