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Olga Kurylenko Will Get You Into “Vampire Academy” [46 Photos]


There’s a lot to dislike in the new Vampire Academy. We hate to think that there’s a popular Young Adult series about a bunch of gorgeous vampires who are basically really cool with being born into slavery. We’d pretty much be sticking with Deborah Ann Woll as our favorite vamp of the day if it it wasn’t for Olga Kurylenko stealing some scenes as the stunning headmistress of the titular school. Frankly, we’re amazed that these young vampires are able to concentrate on their schoolwork.

Vampire Academy, however, is a little sad when you think about the franchise where Olga Kurylenko could’ve landed. We’re excited about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but we don’t mind admitting that we were some of the fanboys who were rooting for Olga to be the Amazon Warrior. We say that even though we’re already giving up on our dream of having the big-screen Wonder Woman joining the Justice League of Lesbian Superheroes.

It’s just that Olga was pretty amazing as a Bond Girl in Quantam of Solace, and she was easily the best thing about the big-screen takes on Max Payne and Hitman. She also showed off some serious action-film skills with Tom Cruise in Oblivion. You’ll spend most of Vampire Academy waiting for Olga to start tearing the cast apart. Instead, that job seems to be left to the film critics.

The good news is that Olga is starring in the upcoming Empires of the Deep as a mermaid, so that’s more fantasy fan for this amazing lady. Olga also fuels plenty of fantasies as a lingerie model, of course. We’ll understand if you need to see Olga on the big screen this weekend, but right here is where there’s a lot more action…

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