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Kate Upton Is Helping To Fight Cancer Again [PHOTOS]


Kate Upton Stand Up 2 Cancer

We’re pretty much always in favor of Kate Upton and never big fans of cancer–so it’s no secret where we’re standing as Kate steps up to raise funds for the folks at StandUp2Cancer. We think a lot of guys will be standing in line to stand up to cancer as the Kate Upton-endorsed “Hope” beanies go on sale this Valentine’s Day. We’re pretty sure that we know what those guys are hoping for, too.

But we will not judge–especially since we’re always thrilled to see Kate being so charitable. Don’t miss out on your chance to have this Kate Upton-approved merch, either. We’re very sorry to report that you can no longer buy the amazing t-shirts that Kate once posed for as part of a marvelous team-up with fashion designer Marc Jacobs. That was a 2012 benefit for skin cancer research that promoted this very memorable image…

kate-upton tshirt

And does everybody remember when Kate Upton lent her name to a prostate cancer awareness program? That was just this past October, as part of a Gillette Movember charity drive. That was smart to get Kate in as part of an internet fad. The internet really loves Kate Upton. Every noticed that?

Anyway, we generally support doctors and researchers who fight cancer, but we’re also happy to take a moment to salute celebrities who take the time to pose for a good cause. And it seems that Kate’s proven that her dedication is no mere pose–so let’s salute her hard work with a fine gallery that’s plenty easy to admire, much like Kate’s own charitable ways…

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