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Irina Shayk Brings High Fashion To Sochi Olympics Opening [PHOTOS]


Irina Shayk Olympics Opening

The Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi had a few pleasant surprises while celebrating Russia–including lesbian pop duo t.A.T.u. and tennis player Maria Sherapova, not to mention gymnast (and Official Government Girlfriend) Alina Kabaeva. But what about the important influence of Russian gals in high fashion?

Fortunately, the history of incredibly sexy Russian babes was represented by fashion model Irina Shayk. She hails from the town of Yemanzhelinsk , where the future Sports Illustrated model was born as Irina Shaykhlislamova before she got us all shaykin’. Irina managed to get a lot of guys excited over the Olympics earlier this week, after posting an amazing (literal) handbra pic via her Instagram account

Irina Shayk Olympics Opening 2

We still weren’t ready when Irina showed up as part of the actual  2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. We were certainly excited to see Irina indulging in some national pride. She was certainly one of the biggest international pop-culture names that Russia could have pop up during the big event. It’s not like Russia was last year’s hosts in London, who could just knock out James Bond references and Beatles tributes.

Speaking of which–we’re a little disappointed that Irina Shayk is just about to shake up the big screen for the first time in the upcoming Hercules. It would’ve really been cool if she could’ve been a tribute to all of the Russian femme fatales from over the years. That’s a lot of sexy babes that could’ve been saluted in the opening ceremony. Somebody should’ve given us a call. Instead, the world has to settle for our big idea of saluting Irina’s big day at the Winter Olympics with a gallery of her dressed for something warmer…

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