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Emily Ratajkowski Unzips For Revolve Clothing [PICS + VIDEO]


Emily Ratajkowski looks to be staying plenty busy in 2014, with her latest job involving some hot posing for the Revolve brand–featuring some shots that’ll get your head revolving. We have some of our favorite Emily Ratajkowski pics from that shoot below, plus the new Revolve video with Emily Ratajkowski above, and then we made some Emily Ratajkowski stills from the video and added them to the Emily Ratajkowski pics because we heard you like Emily Ratajkowski.

Yo Dawg...

Yeah, that never gets old. Anyway, did we mention that Emily Ratajkowski is having a busy year? It looks like there’s some serious buzz over her upcoming movie Gone Girl–where the gal has a fairly substantial role in director David Fincher’s tale of a suspicious man with a missing wife. That movie won’t be hitting theaters until this October, though, so it’s a good thing that we have Emily still staying busy with this modeling thing.

Besides, it’s not like she could just be knocking out a video for “Blurred Lines II.” Speaking of which, we’re happy to celebrate Emily, but here’s another reminder that fellow “Blurred Lines” model Elle Evans is showing up on Two and a Half Men tonight, in case these pics below aren’t enough of a dalliance into the life of Robin’s Girls. Now check out the fine world of Revolve fashions, and know that there’s plenty more Emily Ratajkowski on the horizon. Hey, did you guys hear she’s in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Yeah, check that out

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