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Sochi Journalists Tweet Even More Photos Depicting Horrors of Hotels


Sochi? Ha. More like Suck-i.

As even more international journalists start arriving in Sochi to cover the 2014 Winter Olympics, the people back at home are getting a lot more updates as to how crappy the hotels actually are.

If you thought¬†the double toilets and bathroom signs asking people not to flush their dirty (read: poop stained) toilet paper were bad, how do you feel about being given packets of honey that still contain actual bees in them? Or water that may or may not burn your face off? How about if there’s a massive alarm that wakes you up for an emergency at 6 AM and then you learn that the fire doors have been locked from the outside?

Probably not too good.¬†I’ve got a feeling that there’s only two reasons this could be happening:

1) There’s a new olympic sport Putin set up about which involves the torment and eventual murder of all the journalists in Sochi. Last one standing wins.

2) The terrorist threats everyone has been talking about are actually going on right now as we speak. But instead of actual deaths, the terrorists declared jihad on the sleeping habits of all infidels. Sneaking around, messing up beds, unscrewing door knobs, and tearing down curtains seems pretty evil to me.

All this stuff is being Tweeted in real time, so we’re sure that we haven’t seen the last of the nightmare hotel rooms in Sochi.

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