Laura Vandervoort Is Maxim's Favorite Werewolf [41 PHOTOS]

We’re longtime fans of Laura Vandervoort– as you can see by our earlier tributes to her beautiful beach bod and awesome Esquire photo shoot. So you can guess that we’re ready to go along when the March, 2014 issue of Maxim proclaims that Laura Vandervoort is “TV’s Sexiest Werewolf.” Seriously, Maxim has that right on the cover, followed by this added taunt: “Suck it, True Blood.” Them’s fighting words, right?
We don’t really feel up to fighting over Laura Vandervoort being the sexiest anything. That’s especially true when it comes to Laura being a sexy fantasy gal. She’s wow’d us in plenty of weird adventures. Well, she was too young for us (and us for her) when Laura first gave us the chills in episodes of Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? But then Laura (and ourselves) outgrew the kiddie anthology scene and went on to more adult thrills.

We first noticed that Laura was all grown up when she showed up with Isla Fisher in 2007’s The Lookout. That crime thriller didn’t get the audience to match its reviews, but it did a lot for Laura–who was still working on kiddie networks with her role in a rock ‘n roll sitcom called True Star. Laura was already moving on to more mature matters while returning to the fantasy genre on Smallville. Then she doubled her geek credentials with a role on the V television series revival in 2009, while she was still recurring on Smallville.

Lauren made it to the American multiplexes in Seth MacFarlane‘s Ted, too. Did we mention that she’s Canadian? Yeah, a lot of genre productions rely on Canadian talent. You should know that by now. And, of course, a lot of Canadian productions end up on the Syfy channel–which is where Laura is starring as a werewolf on Bitten for a stellar Monday night lineup that also includes the ladies of Lost Girl. You need to check that series out.
But for now, we’re congratulating Laura on her Maxim cover and a fine photo shoot–that you’ll want to check out, but don’t forget those links above to some other lovely Laura moments. And if you’re already bitten by the love bug, feel free to ramble through this gallery that’ll get you howling…

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