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Emmanuelle Chriqui on “Men At Work” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Emmanuelle Chriqui on Men At Work

(10 pm EST, CBS)

Emmanuelle Chriqui is the guest star on tonight’s Men at Work–which would usually be a reliable sign that we’re in another Sweeps Period to increase a show’s rating. Unfortunately, Emmanuelle Chriqui hasn’t really taken off as a big name. Your humble See Her Tonight column has already covered Emmanuelle when she took on a recurring role on The Mentalist as the groovy groupie of a nefarious serial killer. That was when Emmanuelle was still a big deal coming off of her role on on HBO’s Entourage as the sexy Sloan.

Sadly, Emmanuelle remains best known for that role, and she hasn’t even been confirmed to be in the big-screen Entourage that’s currently under production. The good news is that we’re still getting Emmanuelle as a certain kinds of Sweeps favorite. That’s right, folks–she’s playing a lesbian. Or at least a former lesbian involved with one of Men At Work‘s titular child-men. The characters kind of work at a place like COED, but we doubt that the entire episode will consist of all the characters fantasizing about Emmanuelle and her former girlfriend. That’s how it would go with us. The episode would really bring in the ratings, too.

But maybe the rest of America has been spoiled by the weekly guest lesbians of Two and a Half Men–meaning gals like Aly Michalka and Natalina Maggio. We’re still thinking some guys haven’t gotten enough of Emmanuelle. And you can check out these pics below to see why Emmanuelle is always part of our entourage. In our dreams, that is…

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