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Elizabeth Hurley & Bill Clinton Hook-Up? He Had Two Reasons… [PICS]


Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton might have had sex in the White House back in the ’90s. Well, that’s news to some people. We’re not too invested in the politics there, but–if we were Bill Clinton–we would kind of prefer to be romantically linked to Elizabeth Hurley instead of Monica Lewinsky. And it’s kind of fun to see Elizabeth Hurley back in the news, considering the three other celebrities that we’ve heard constantly brought up as other conquests of President Clinton.

“But,” you ask, “what prompts all this sudden speculation that Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley had sex in the White House?” We’ll tell you that after we remind you that Elizabeth Hurley used to be a major sex symbol. She’s still plenty sexy, but Elizabeth Hurley became a very hot hyphenate when the model turned actress and broke through with Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. She kept working steadily ever since–although her career never recovered from a big-screen bomb with a 2000 remake of the classic Faustian comedy Bedazzled. Elizabeth still made for a sexy Devil, and the film is legendary among guys with a giantess fetish. (So is the same year’s Dude, Where’s My Car?, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, the fine folks at Radar have grabbed some audio of Elizabeth Hurley’s former lover Tom Sizemore telling some other guys about how he hooked Elizabeth up with Bill Clinton back in the ’90s. The actor is legendary for his own troubles, and this wouldn’t be the first time he’s ratted out Elizabeth–but it’s interesting that this doesn’t seem to be Tom Sizemore shopping around the tape. Check out the whole story, and keep in mind that Elizabeth has already Twittered about legal action. But, you know, is it so bad to take advantage to look back at Elizabeth’s fine body of work? Check out this gallery with plenty of stills from movies that might have caught President Clinton’s eye…

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