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Brigham Young University Wants You To Rat On Masturbators [VIDEO]


byu masturbation video

Brigham Young University has a very strict student code of conduct for its students–and its attempt to rein in one such behavior had produced one of the unintentionally funniest student safety films of all time. Check in on last year’s appeal to the BYU Idaho campus, as President (and presumably Commander in Chief) Kim B. Clark encourages students to report friends, roommates and acquaintances who they catch watching pornography to save them from the equivalent of being wounded on the battlefield.

The creepy video starts with an average looking student doing what all male college students who find themselves without a regular girl doing, except that they don’t show him actually doing it. They just show him looking at a computer as Clark alludes to his sinful action in a recorded speech. We’re not saying we’d rather see the student furiously slamming his ham and scrambling to find something to cover his shame as his roommate walks in on him. We’re just saying it’s creepier when it requires our imaginations to fill in the gaps, and one of the world’s whitest guys is describing it to us.

Then the student actually becomes a wounded soldier on a proverbial battlefield in his mind’s eye and it’s up to his friend to “save him.” It’s more than a bit of a stretch to equate reporting someone’s private activities to jumping on a live grenade. In fact, it’s a little insulting to the brave men and women who have actually risked their lives to save their fellow man as non-metaphorical bullets and bombs fly past them. Even if they were equatable, having to be carried off to safety because of a rampant porn addiction calls for a much different kind of educational video, perhaps something like “The Importance of Leg Stretching.”

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