WHO’S THAT GIRL: Fernanda Romero in That Banned Carl's Jr. Ad [PHOTOS]

It’s no mystery why the new Carl’s Jr. ad for their new Big Sausage Breakfast got banned. This censored symphony of sensuality never had a chance. The thing plays like a parody of a sexy Carl’s Jr. ad–you know, like the ones that have featured Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, and Katherine Webb. The most amazing thing about this overblown ad is that Carl’s Jr.’s found a gal who was ready to go completely over the top. And that’s why it’s no mystery to us that the commercial features Fernanda Romero.
We’ve already seen Fernanda Romero go over the top in the genius lowbrow comedy Ghost Team One. That’s why we recommended the movie when it came out a couple of weeks ago. Well, there were a lot of reasons to recommend Ghost Team One, and you can already guess that Fernanda Romero was two of those. Three, if you count the smart comic skills that Fernanda show off in the underseen ghostbusting movie.
We take Fernanda very seriously, though. In fact, she first caught our eye when the Mexico City native showed up in the seriously scary horror movie The Eye. That was back in 2008, but Fernanda was already a veteran actress–and even though The Eye was a disappointing remake of an Asian horror movie, Fernanda returned a year later to catch our eye with a role in Sam Raimi’s excellent Drag Me To Hell.
We’re not sure what the Raimi/Romero connection is, but we also had to notice when the director made a cameo alongside Fernanda in last year’s 3 Geezers! That bizarre comedy wasn’t nearly as good as Ghost Team One, though. Fernanda keeps spending her time between American and Mexican productions, and we’re happy to have twice the chances to see her in new roles–but we’re hoping that this banned Carl’s Jr. ad really launches her career. It’s a daring turn from a daring babe. See for yourselves right below this gallery–which might be the only thing that could distract a guy from that Carl’s Jr. commercial…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3WBHOeVSSY]

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