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Olympic Bathrooms In Sochi Are A Dump, Just Don’t Take One [PHOTOS]


You couldn’t pay us to attend the 2014 Sochi Games, which I think is saying a group of struggling bloggers who all spent time as freshmen.

Not only are stray dogs going around EATING CHILDREN, areas of the city look like a dump, sidewalks are falling apart, adult millionaire Olympians are being forced to sleep in cots (which I learned today still exist), and now we’re learning that people are going to have to share a two-toilet bathroom. Here are two real-life athletes at the Biathlon Center who’ve likely just risked accusations of being gay to show you what they’re dealing with.


As if that wasn’t going to smell enough, it’s now been shown that there are signs asking people not to flush their toilet paper and instead put it into a waste basket.¬†Greg Wyshynski¬†(@Wyshynski), editor of Puck Daddy for Yahoo Sports, tweeted out the following photo.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.46.17 AM

With all the news and buzz going around that contractors have absolutely mangled the building of infrastructure for Sochi, this doesn’t really come as a surprise.

And while the benefit of killing all those dogs will be that residents will have brand new fur coats to wear, we can’t quite understand the silver lining for having bathrooms smell like poop. Of course, this could all just be mind games that Putin’s playing with foreign athletes trying to get an edge in the medal count.

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