Oklahoma State Point Guard Stevie Clark Pees Away His Position

Oklahoma State point guard Stevie Clark was dismissed from his position on the college basketball team after his second arrest in about a month–specifically, for being arrested for peeing from the window of a moving car this past Sunday morning. Before that, Clark had started out the new year with a January 1st arrest for possessing some pot after being pulled over for a seat belt violation. The police report on Sunday suggests that marijuana might have once again been involved.
Clark is probably wishing that he’d considered some offers from Colorado schools right about now. The 19-year-old freshman was averaging 5.3 points and 2.7 assists per game this season, which is pretty good for a guy playing in a backup role. But the coaches at Oklahoma State had to back things up for Clark after that second arrest. He’d already been suspended for a few games over that past arrest–although Oklahoma State had to be coy about the actual reasons for the suspension.
But taking a pee from a car window was clearly a move too far. The only thing we could imagine more heinous was if Clark had done a #2 in the restroom of the team bus while on the road. That’s a death penalty on the COED basketball team. If we had one. Which we don’t, because we’d spend all of our time getting suspended for reasons similar to what you’d find depicted in the Lifetime TV-movie of The Stevie Clark Story. Now we want to see who’s going to take on Stevie Clark as a basketball player next. We’d buy tickets to see him pee in a bottle.

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