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Candice Swanepoel & Karlie Kloss Visited Victoria’s Secret [PHOTOS]


Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss visited our local Victoria’s Secret today–and we hate the idea of getting either of the gals jealous, but we really need to note that Candice Swanepoel dressed a little smarter for the occasion. We appreciate that Karlie Kloss went along with Candice in wearing a lovely orange ensemble. We’re pretty sure that was both of the ladies doing their best to indulge us in our women’s prison fantasies.¬†We still can’t help but notice that Candice was a little more willing to show off some amazing cleavage and bountiful sideboob.

Karlie did a fine job. We have no complaints, especially when she took the time to give off a smoldering look while celebrating Bombshell Day at the Herald Square location for Victoria’s Secret. We’re just saying that Candice was a little more generous in letting her own bombshells loose on the admiring crowd. Let’s just politely ignore that both Candice and Karlie were too busy to actually take the time to stop by the COED offices, even though we’re just a couple of blocks away and had been praying to God really hard to make that happen.

Actually, we’re pretty sure that it was God fumbling the ball there. Candice and Karlie wouldn’t let us down like that. The pics below won’t let you down, either. Yes, you’ll join us in wishing that Karlie had gone for a neckline that wasn’t actually up to her neck. Candice makes up for that with her own daring outfit, though. And after you’ve warmed up with these pics, feel free to check out Karlie in lots of lingerie and the 30 Sexiest Candice Swanepoel GIFs

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