Anabelle Acosta on "Supernatural" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Anabelle Acosta on Supernatural

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is about a demonic gym where the members die after getting all of the fat sucked out of their bodies–and your humble See Her Tonight column has a hard time figuring out the downside of that. Especially if Anabella Acosta turns out to be a sexy succubus behind all of the instant weight loss. We’re certainly ready to get fit over this Cuban beauty–in the Supernatural tradition of Kacey Rohl, Susie Abromeit, and Lindy Booth. (And wasn’t it just the other day that we were having fantasies over Ana Alexander as another fantasy girl?) 

We’re pretty sure that Anabelle Acosta will nail this Supernatural appearance as yet another big step for the rising star. The exotic beauty is still best known nowadays for her appearance in Ne-Yo’s video for “Burnin’ Up.” We’ve still been amazed by Anabelle as an actress, though, and proudly claim credit as early users after checking out Anabelle on the small screen with small roles on the Breaking In sitcom and GCB.
Anabelle will be supernaturally alluring on Supernatural, but her biggest break this year will come courtesy of HBO. She’s playing Dwayne Johnson’s love interest in the upcoming sports drama Ballers. Hopefully, Anabelle will also find time to keep her modeling career going. We’re always ready for glimpses of that, which is why we’re frequently raiding her Instagram account. If you’re just catching up on Anabelle, then check out this gallery for a workout that should still leave you alive…

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