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A.J. McCarron & Katherine Webb Kiss For AXE Peace [PHOTOS]


AJ McCarron Katherine Webb

A.J. McCarron had a pretty good Super Bowl weekend–mainly because he was taking advantage of the fine people at AXE to cash in on a free haircut. That was before the former Alabama quarterback used the AXE Peace #KissForPeace campaign as an excuse to make out with Katherine Webb. He posted the pic via his Twitter account in what was clearly the kind of calculatedly commercial moment that we wish that we’d be able to get away with.

At least McCarron also used that AXE haircut as a chance to discuss the idea of Northwestern football players forming a union. He told USA Today that he supported the idea, and we think it’s nice that McCarron even took the time to have an opinion. Especially since McCarron could’ve spent that time making out with Katherine Webb without even having to take the time to tell AXE about the encounter.

Anyway, we’ve made it clear that we support AXE Peace, and we also support the idea of making out with Katherine Webb. We’re not saying that A.J. McCarron is the best man for the job, though. Frankly, we think that more guys should have the chance. Maybe real winners who are part of a team that wouldn’t hand over an important game to Auburn in the final minutes.

Did you know that the COED team recently won the challenge of eating 35 White Castles in a single afternoon? It’s true. We’d appreciate someone passing that info on to Katherine Webb–while we keep training for our big day by warming up to more pics of Katherine. You don’t want to take a Twitpic of us doing it, though…

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