WWE Diva Nikki Bella Is Becoming One Helluva Realtor [50 Photos]

Nikki Bella WWE Diva Real Estate

Nikki Bella–best known as a legendary WWE Divas and half of the amazing Bella Twins tag team–clearly isn’t getting paid too much over at World Wrestling Entertainmen. She’s one of the WWE’s most popular gals, but TMZ reports that Nikki is also taking the time to study real estate. Which we’d find acceptable if the knowledgable knockout was just learning some legalities so that Nikki could manage her massive real estate holdings that she’s bought as a WWE superstart.

But instead, we’re being told that Nikki is getting ready to take the California licensing exam to start her own real estate business and make some extra money. We’re very happy that Nikki isn’t leaving the rough ‘n tumble world of the WWE for the cut-throat world of high priced real estate sales. We just hope that this doesn’t mean that WWE Divas are really underpaid. We were kind of planning to marry one of them and live off their money. Now we’re thinking that we’re just going to have to rely on a supermodel.

Of course, Nikki isn’t the only Diva with the brains to match their equally impressive looks. The marvelous Michelle McCool (who probably got some financial security after marrying  The Undertaker in real life) has a degree in Educational Leadership. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nikki (and/or her striking twin Brie) ended up owning plenty of Los Angeles before this dalliance is done. Still, check out these pics and agree with us that it’s a crime these Nikki and Brie aren’t earning a fortune strictly via their bombastic bods. And remember–if you can’t tell them apart, you aren’t looking closely enough…

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