The Pax Ploom Is The Best Handheld Vaporizer In The World Right Now

At some point in time I was going to have to tell you that the Pax Ploom is meant for tobacco use only. Might as well do it before I begin.

I had heard too many good things about a Pax Ploom vaporizer to not order one before heading to Breckendridge, Colorado for Martin Luther King Weekend. I knew that I was going to want a new toy to celebrate my first trip to a recreational marijuana-legal state and when I heard the news that most dispensaries had run out of concentrates, oils, or anything else a vaporizer might need, I knew that I had to get a Pax Ploom for the simple fact that it vaporizes herbs and not oils.

I pulled the trigger and asked had one delivered to my hotel in Breck (the Valdoro Lodge, very nice btw).

When we flew into Denver, we rented a car and stopped by a dispensary (Denver Kush Club, also very nice) before driving west to Breckenridge. We picked up an eighth of Death Star Kush because I wasn’t sure how much we were going to need and I knew Breck would have some more in the morning. I’ll tell you right now that one eighth would have been enough to get three/four guys comfortably baked for five day weekend. Keep that in mind when the high $250 price is a turn-off.

Upon getting my package, I was happy to see that the thing looked like a freaking iPhone or something. It was a little bigger than what I was expecting–like two Sharpies wide and the height of an iPhone–but it’s definitely a panty dropper. We charged it up for a few minutes, popped open the magnetic chamber in the bottom, put some weed in it, and then put it to work outside.

It’s phenomenal. There’s no burning anywhere, just the faint smell and simultaneous taste of well-vaporized weed.

And the fact that you can use weed (flowers, buds, whatever you want to call it) with it is really what makes this so useful. Even in NYC (where recreational marijuana use it not yet legal) where there are dealers everywhere, it’s rare to find a dealer who can consistently give you concentrates. I actually own a G-Pen that hasn’t seen any use in months because of that.

Speaking of what you can use in it, I will note though the Pax is absolutely something that you have to take care of. The residue can make things a little sticky with the moving parts so it’s important that you’re consistent.

Does it travel well? Yes? It fit right in my pocket and seemed to handle the cold conditions of Breckenridge mountain pretty well. We took it for a spin in Leo’s Shack on the last run of our trip, which I thought was a fitting end to a fantastic vacation. The mixture of old mountain traditions and fun, combined with modern day, next-level sh*t was pretty gnarly.

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