Sahara Ray Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Saraha Ray is a hot Australian/American model who should be on your radar. I’m thinking about including this post in “Why This Week Won’t Suck.” That’s how ridiculous she is. Strategically, we chose to drop this A-Bomb on you the day after the Super Bowl because we knew that you’d all need something strong to end the day on.

She was born in Australia and her father is professional surfer Tony Ray. After a short while, Sahara and the family packed up and moved out to California where she then grew up. Like her dad, Sahara started competitive surfing from a young age but stopped at the age of 16.

We don’t know when she started modeling but at the age of 20 she’s a straight up professional. In addition to her modeling, Sahara’s a part-owner of VNTG Supply.¬†Mark us down as fans of whatever it is that she’s selling.

Check out her photos below, then get to following her on social media.

Age: 20 | Nationality: USA

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