Marisa Miller on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated 50 Years of Beautiful

See Her Tonight

Marisa Miller on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special

(9:00 PM EST, NBC)

It’s a pretty good night on television, with the See Her Tonight column torn between a new episode of our beloved Lost Girl and murder in the world of fashioning on an episode of Castle. Or at least that would be the case if NBC wasn’t hosting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special: 50 Years of Beautiful. There’s plenty of truth in advertising there, since this two-hour display of built bods includes Heidi Klum as host, plus appearances by Kate Upton and Marisa Miller.

We could’ve spent several hours flipping coins trying to narrow down which one of those (and other) Sports Illustrated models to showcase tonight. Actually, we would’ve probably skipped the coins and just spent several hours staring at pics of models in bikinis while forgetting to write today’s column. We get distracted pretty easily. So you’re pretty lucky that we just decided that everyone’s gone too long without taking a look at Marisa Miller lately.

We were really hoping that we’d start seeing more of Marisa on the big screen. Sadly, she made her big-screen debut in last year’s R.I.P.D., which was one of the summer’s biggest bombs. Marisa was a lot of fun, though, and it was a pretty impressive showcase for Marisa as a recent MILF. This buxom blonde can still really work a bikini, and we’re hoping that she’ll stay quick to doff her clothes completely. You might miss out on that kind of thing tonight, but you don’t have to miss out on anything about Marisa right now…

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