Fabiana Leis: Bikini Model & Secretary to Three Uruguayan Presidents [PHOTOS]

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica has been enjoying a reputation as a hipster leader lately. That’s partly because he’s been eager to legalize marijuana use in his country, and has avoided the Presidential palace in favor of his old humble home. But we’re thinking that there must be a long tradition of cool Uruguay presidents–or at least very tolerant Uruguayan First Ladies. That’s because Fabiana Leis has been part of the Uruguayan Presidential secretary staff for over 10 years.

If we’re to believe President Mujica, Fabiana probably makes more money than her employer. She’s certainly working long hours to keep the government job that finances her work as a model and actress–although word is certainly getting out about Fabiana. She really couldn’t be ignored after posing nude for the Feyvi car company.

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