Woman Who Won The Week: Anna Kendrick [PHOTOS]

Anna Kendrick was meant to star in her first major commercial during this year’s Super Bowl, but Newcastle could not afford the expensive air time. ┬áIn fact, any commercial they made could not even mention the words “Super Bowl.” As Anna Kendrick asks in the above video, “How the f*ck are you going to make a Super Bowl commercial without saying the words?”

Obviously, Newcastle probably never meant this to be a real Super Bowl commercial. They just used all the buzz that already surrounds upcoming Super Bowl commercials to get their YouTube video over 2.5 million views. Instead of having to spend money on air time, Newcastle can just give it all directly to Anna Kendrick.

Although much of what is said in this video is fake, this is Kendrick’s first time getting paid a bunch of money to sell a beer she doesn’t even drink. Congratulations to Anna Kendrick for scoring her first big commercial paycheck in a funny and successful ad. Hopefully she can fill many male strippers’ underwear with all that cash.

via US Magazine

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