Brooklyn Decker, Bar Rafaeli, and More At Leather & Laces [PHOTOS]

The Leather & Lace Parties are already looking like the Super Bowl events to beat in New York City this year–and that’s mostly because the parties are featuring the likes of Brooklyn Decker and Bar Rafaeli. Those were the two big names that launched the first of two amazing nights. Yeah, it’s happening again tonight with Alessandra Ambrosio and Adrianna Lima hosting. That’ll give you an idea of what it takes to make a big impression on the jaded NYC disco denizens.

We especially like how Leather & Laces mixes up their brand of celebrities hitting the red carpet. You don’t get the usual suspects. Instead, there are offbeat sitcom stars and big names in fashion. Friday night’s event included (an alluringly dressed) Paris Hilton busting in as guest DJ–which sure didn’t interrupt the party that went on until 3:30 in the morning.

Yeah, there are a lot of dance parties that go on until 9 am, but those aren’t usually right in the heart of Times Square. We were even able to ditch our camera equipment in the COED offices right afterward before going on to more fun events–but as you’ll see by these pics, they couldn’t match Leather & Laces’ mix of scantily-clad babes and rocking scene that was just selective enough to still feel like a private party.

But not so selective that people weren’t mingling, including lots of celebs who didn’t seem too interested in the VIP area. From what we could tell, the guys were a lot more intrigued by the daring clothes being worn by the non-VIP gals at the party who were vying for attention from the hot babes dancing (and–in the case of the Cirque USA performers–swinging) above the crowd.

Also, there was this one female security guard who kind of looked like Jennifer Lopez, and her blouse was a little tight and kept opening enough between the second and third button so that we could see the lacy white bra that she was wearing. That was hot, too–but check out these pics of celebrities and the usual Leather & Lace crowd (and East Coasters should check in on the site and see if there’s still a chance to get in tonight)…

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