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The 10 Most Unbelievable Drake Lyrics Before His Super Bowl Show


Drake might very well be one of the more honest rappers in what they call “the game.” We admit that this article got started with the COED staff assuming that we’d be debunking line after line through our dedicated fact-checking process. But as it turns out, Drake really does have a contract like “’91 Dan Marino.” Drake really does have “open suits for half a million each.” Sometimes for even more, folks. And we can definitely confirm that Drake started at the bottom. Even with some musicians in his family, Drake’s success was largely organic.

We’re not gonna try to take that away from him. Now–all of that aside–sometimes Aubrey Graham gets confused, or embellishes the truth a little. And then other times, the dude just flat out lies. Like, bad.

So in honor of Drakes’s impending performance at the Super Bowl half time show this Sunday–and of all the times that Mr. Graham has been completely full of bull on record, or sold his fans some ghost-written rhymes–we’ve dissected the Drake discography for our ten favorite falsehoods. We’re thinking that these are the lies that Drake told without bothering to sound good…

  • COED Writer