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Tara Reid Back In “SHARKNADO 2”: We Want This Tara Back [40 PHOTOS]


The biggest shock about the original Sharknado was that Tara Reid lived through the movie. It was pretty quickly established that Tara was playing the ex-wife of Ian Ziering as a vapid ditz, and it just seemed to make sense for Tara to get killed off in the final reel. Probably in comic circumstances, too. Good thing that Tara Reid lived, though, since Sharknado ended up taking off as an internet meme–and now we’re getting Tara back in Sharknado 2: The Other One.

That was kind of bad news, since there were better Syfy Original Movies (both good and bad) that deserved all of the attention. We’re still glad that Tara Reid got some attention. We know that she kind of fell apart in the same Party Girl-style that made jokes out of Lindsay Lohan and Tara’s fellow American Pie alumni Natasha Lyonne . Nobody even seems to care about Tara getting some redemption, though.

We’ll still insist that Tara did some fine work on the Scrubs sitcom, and really nailed the character of oblivous drummer Melanie in Josie and The Pussycats, and we were even understand why some critics thought Tara had a shot at being a serious actress with her turn in Dr. T and the Women. She was in The Big Lebowski, too. Sadly, Tara never recovered from playing a scientist in the lousy big-screen take on Alone In The Dark.

Also, Tara made a few too many public appearances while looking like a hot mess. So we’re very happy to see Tara making it into Sharknado 2: The Other One. We’ll also be really bummed out if Corin Nemec doesn’t also make the cast. Corin’s looking good lately. Tara isn’t looking so bad, either–but we’re still going to celebrate with a look back at the Tara that first became a major sex symbol without losing her top on the red carpet…

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