"Lost Girl" Anna Silk Turns 40(!), Still A Sexy Succubus [PHOTOS]

It’s no secret that the Canadian fantasy series Lost Girl is a COED favorite–and lots of guys agree, since the show enjoyed a long stint as one to the most illegally-downloaded shows in the world. That was before the Syfy channel brought this series about a crime-fighting sex demon to America. The most recent season began just a few weeks ago. You might have noticed that it soon went from its 8 pm time slot to 10 pm. We suspect that was due to the show’s relentlessly sexy content. Especially given Anna Silk’s work as the bisexual otherworldly succubus who romances plenty of gals and one token werewolf guy.
Now we’re celebrating as Anna turns 40 years old while still making Syfy sizzle. Her main Lost Girl love interest Zoie Palmer has also gotten our attention, and there’s Emmanuelle Vaugier as another recurring sex demon–and this new season has also  given us new characters played by Mia Kirshner and Ali Liebert. It still takes a gal like Anna Silk to keep all of that lady-loving looking believable. Even if we are mainly talking about our favorite kinds of fantasies.
We’re even more impressed because Anna Silk is a very serious actress. Her own mother is a university drama teacher, and Anna has a history in the theatre. She was still best known for a series of NicoDerm nicotine patch commercials before landing Lost Girl. The ads had Anna as a sympathetic stewardess, and we’re pretty sure those fueled plenty of fantasies, too. Anna had also gotten some early training in lesbian love via a Canadian show called Being Erica, so Anna was definitely the right gal to play Bo in Lost Girl. Yeah, her character’s named Bo–but these pics will still convince you that Anna’s a sex bomb under any name. And age…

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