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Ana Alexander on “Bones” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Ana Alexander on Bones

(8:00 PM EST, FOX)

We’ve already geeked out today over See Her Tonight fave Anna Silk–and now Friday gets more fun with Ana Alexander stopping by Bones. That fine crime series has already graced us with gals like Carla Gallo, Carrie Wiita, and Danielle Panabaker–but we’re especially excited over this gorgeous gal who’s almost as geeky as we get.

Ana Alexander could’ve been just another supermodel out of Serbia. She sure had a hot career working for the likes of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, but Ana already came from an acting background–and she began concentrating on that new career back in 2003. Ana quickly made it into America’s living room as one of Charlie Sheen‘s romantic interests in Two and a Half Men, and made a more memorable appearance on CSI: NY. She’d show up a few years later on CSI: Miami, and has pretty much kept working steadily.

Unfortunately, Ana’s biggest turn on the big screen was in the Will Ferrell bomb Land of the Lost–where she stood out as an unexpectedly sexy primitive gal. She must’ve enjoyed being part of a big-budget remake of a kiddie sci-fi series, though. Ana loves sci-fi and fantasy projects, and has developed the Porcelain comic-book series–about a femme superspy that we’re all very anxious to see Ana playing someday.

We’ll keep waiting for that as we keep tuning in to Ana on the small screen. Bones should give her a great showcase for her mix of foreboding presence and wry wit, and these pics will get you hoping that some smart producer will do the same–and then be inspired to get Porcelain off the ground

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