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Alessandra Ambrosia Victoria’s Secret Shoot BTS: All Natural [PHOTOS]


We like our Victoria’s Secret photo shoots with the likes of Candice Swanepoel and Sara Sampaio–but sometimes we like to look behind the scenes to see how the gals look without all of that Photoshopping and other stuff. That’s mostly because the biggest shock we get is that Victoria’s Secret models look even hotter in real life. We mean, even hotter than we’re peering out at them from between the dumpsters outside where they live. Or so we’re told.

Anyway, that’s why we’re thrilled to show you these awesome pics of Alessandra Ambrosia hanging around the set of a Victoria’s Secret bikini shoot this week. Allesandra was beautifying the beaches of Miami before having to head out to the frigid environs of COED territory–because she’ll be hosting a Super Bowl event this weekend that we’re very excited to attend.

As you can see, we know that Allesandra will be looking just as awesome in person as in our dreams a Victoria’s Secret shoot. She’s a truly natural beauty, and we love seeing her in some candid pics. We also love seeing that gal in black leather in the background. Any ideas about who she is? We’ve got some pretty good fantasies going about her being Allesandra’s chauffeur who also helps her favorite model client get in and out of clothing.

We also really like the pic where Allesandra is pointing an accusing finger in the general direction of the camera. That’s a look that we’ve seen before. But that’s enough about our criminal history–especially since you have plenty of pics to admire here…

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