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9 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck


We really shouldn’t have to tell you why this weekend will be one of the greatest of the year–and if we do, then you’re really just trying to have a bad weekend for some reason.┬áIt’s time for yet another Super Bowl, which everyone adores as the one football game of the year that even non-sports fans celebrate like it’s a New Years’ Eve–and maybe the last one ever.

People throw parties filled with artery-clogging foods that you avoid the rest of the year. The show always has a massive, rollicking concert by an A-list musician that is bound to entertain or offend someone for some bizarre reason in between the two. Even the commercials are entertaining enough to sit through instead of trying to find something else to watch in the two minutes you have to wait to return to the game.

But if the promise of certain victory and defeat isn’t enough of a reason to look forward to this weekend, we’ve compiled some other reasons to keep you going through the weekend. Actually, it’s more of a collection of things to watch instead of the Super Bowl, in case you’re some kind of crazy non-conformist. That’s cool, though, and we all need to whatever’s necessary to make through to another Monday. So have a watchful weekend with whatever you enjoy…

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