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Nina Agdal Is Busy: Terry Richardson Pics & Bikini Shots [PHOTOS]


Nina Agdal Terry Richardson 1

Nina Agdal has been having a very busy 2014, and nothing makes us happier. We certainly related when the movie Don Jon used Nina’s Carl Jr.’s commercial as a shorthand for distracting media images just last year. We’ve been getting plenty distracted by Nina over the years. The Danish beauty has been amazing us ever since we first caught her Danish booty–and then the rest of the world caught up courtesy of Sports Illustrated, with Nina making her debut in the 2012 Swimsuit Issue and quickly becoming the mag’s Rookie of the Year.

So we’re very pleased to see that Nina found time to stop by the studio of the amazing Terry Richardson, who’s kindly posted some outtakes on his invaluable Terry’s Diary site….

Nina Agdal Terry Richardson 2

These seem to be from a shoot for the fine MQ brand, and they’re really being fashion-forward over there by bringing in Nina to do some modeling. We’re also very happy to see that Terry Richardson is being as forward as ever–especially when it comes to catching Nina’s finest assets…

Nina Agdal Terry Richardson 3

Nina’s also been busy for the La Boheme lines, as you can from the pics below. Now we know why Nina hasn’t been returning our calls. She’s just been so busy lately. And probably out of range of our mental commands, but we’re gonna keep practicing on those. In the meantime, enjoy these pics that Nina has taken in the line of duty, and just hope that we’ll keep sharing whatever she might send us on a more private basis. We just have to keep concentrating harder…

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