Kaitlin Pearson: Sexy School Teacher Back In The Classroom [51 PHOTOS]

Kaitlin Pearson is back to work as a Special Needs Teacher’s Aide–and that’s plenty of inspiration for kids to stay in school. That’s because we’re talking about the same Kaitlin Pearson who moonlights as an incredibly hot model when not spending her time tending to our nation’s needy youth.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but some insane prudes actually panicked when some busybody raided Kaitlyn’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for the worst best of her plentiful pics and then mailed them to the school board. Kaitlin was soon forced to take a leave of absence. But at least it was a paid leave, which means that Kaitlin might not be able to righteously sue the school board now that she has been reinstated immediately. (Let’s not forget other pioneering school teachers like Victoria Valentine James and Cristy Nicole Deweese, either.)
So let the record show that Kaitlin’s amazing work as a model does not in any way interfere with her duties as a teacher’s aide at the South Street Elementary School. Also let it be known that a bunch of guys are not welcome to start hanging around outside the South Street Elementary School, because that would be very uncool, and it would also make it more difficult for Kaitlin to recognize us and make some meaningful eye contact. We’re serious, guys. Stay home.
We’re also seriously happy to report that Kaitlin doesn’t seem interested in suspending her modeling career. In fact, we’re thinking that this entire brouhaha could somehow pay off for Kaitlin in the long run. She certainly seems to think that everything’s worked out great. Check out these pics yourself, and tell us what you think of Kaitlin’s future…

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