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Jenna Marbles on “Ridiculousness” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Jenna Marbles on Ridiculousness

(10:00 PM EST, MTV)

Your humble¬†See Her Tonight¬†column loves when a humble internet personality makes it onto the networks. There was Philly D hosting Shark Week, for example–and now we get Youtube’s Jenna Marbles popping up on MTV to host a look at viral videos. We’re a little more excited about Jenna Marbles. Frankly, we find her more sexually attractive than Philly D. We just feel that way. Sorry.

But we’re thinking that a lot of guys must agree with us. Jenna Marbles (born unto this world as Jenna Mourey) has a dedicated following of men as the host of her really fun Youtube channel. That’s in addition to her website, of course, where she’s charmed plenty of guys and gals with her adventures. Well, she gets an assist from her adorable dogs named Kermit and Mr. Marbles. Actually, that makes some guys sad, since they would like to be Mr. Marbles.

By which we mean that Jenna Marbles is a lot more than just a funny gal documenting her life. She’s a really hot funny gal who documents her funny life that involves a lot of time spent working out at the gym. And a lot of time spent taking sexy selfies of herself, too. We guess it’s no surprise that Jenna is kind of an exhibitionist, but it’s a very pleasant surprise that Jenna can rock so many hot looks while letting us admire herself in the mirror.

Jenna’s also an impressive model for other fotogs, too–and you’ll see a lot of those sexy shots in the gallery below, too. Check them out and see why Jenna has what it takes to become our new favorite MTV personality

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