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Sienna Miller Nude In ESQUIRE, Handling Fame Much Better Now [PHOTOS]


Sienna Miller Esquire 1

Sienna Miller has gotten naked for Esquire, and the sexy actress wants us to know that she’s handling fame much better these days. Which is a real relief, because Sienna is currently making headlines in London over an e-mail hacking scandal that involves her cheating on former boyfriend Jude Law. Yeah, and with Daniel Craig, too, which doesn’t really do a lot to convince us that we’re next on Sienna Miller’s to-do list.

Sienna Miller Esquire 3

But that’s okay, because–as noted–Sienna Miller is doing a fine job of sharing the sight of her nude bod. We wish that we could say the same for the producers of Hippie Hippie Shake. That’s the lost film from 2010 that features Sienna in a sizzling nude scene. Sadly, the executives at Universal lost so much money on a Matt Damon movie (Green Zone, damnit) that the studio decided to shelf Hippie Hippie Shake as a tax loss. The film’s negative might have even been destroyed. Sienna seems to be handling that better than we are.

Sienna Miller Esquire 2

Anyway, Sienna probably isn’t talking about sleeping with Daniel Craig when she talks to Esquire–very honestly–about developing a bad reputation after the 2004 film Layer Cake made her a star in England, leading to a big American break playing Edie Sedgwick in 2006’s Factory Girl:

It had become difficult for me to get the work I wanted, if I’m really honest. It was a weird situation to be in because there was a lot of goodwill for me in Hollywood. I think I’d been lucky in that I’d always been naughty in that town and people had always liked me for it…I sabotaged things. I burnt a lot of bridges. I never read a review or paid any mind to what anyone said. And that translated to how I behaved outside work. On set, I was first to arrive, last to leave, best friends with the crew, totally professional, no dicking around. But when I wasn’t at work, I wasn’t behaving the way you should. I’m very lucky to have a second chance in that town.

Sienna Miller Esquire 4

That’s nice of Sienna–who’s now a MILF, yeesh–to be so grateful, but we’re not too surprised that Hollywood types have kept greeting her with open arms. These Esquire pics give you a good clue about all of that. And so will these sensational Sienna pics to tide you over until Sienna’s Esquire hits the streets…

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