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Katy Perry Hits #1 With “Dark Horse,” Owns The Decade [35 GIFS]


Katy Perry Dark Horse Number 1

Everyone made fun of Katy Perry for looking more like Stevie Nicks while performing a Satanic ritual on the Grammys–but selling her soul sure paid off for the pop diva. In fact, Katy Perry is bigger than ever as “Dark Horse” hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Dark Horse” isn’t just her 9th time topping the charts. This time, she’s topping the charts as the only recording artist to have hit #1 during this decade.

No, seriously. Katy has been topping the charts consistently. There was “Firework” in 2010, and then “E.T.” and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” in 2011, followed by “Part of Me” in 2012 and “Roar” in 2013. Katy must be really thrilled to already have 2014 covered on the charts. She could pretty much just take the rest of the year off and hang out around the COED offices. Which is exactly what she should do, because we’re worried that Katy’s working too hard.

And let’s note that “Dark Horse” had to struggle to get to #1. The song came out way back in August of last year as an early release on iTunes, and the song didn’t really cause a ruckus. It’s kind of admirable that Katy insisted on working the song on the Grammys. We’re planning to celebrate by catching Katy in an intimate Manhattan show that she’s doing as part of Super Bowl weekend. You can start celebrating by checking out our favorite Colossal Collection of Katy Cleavage–or just get animated over these amazing Katy GIFs…

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