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Tiffany Panhilason on “Two and a Half Men” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Tiffany Panhilason on Two and a Half Men

(10:30 PM EST, CBS)

A big chunk of prime-time real estate gets taken up by the State of the Union address tonight–but when in doubt, the See Her Tonight column heads straight to Two and a Half Men. Which, thankfully, is slated to run a repeat episode to fill out the final stretch of this evening’s CBS slate. And it’s a very special episode, even if Two and a Half Men has pretty much spent this season making it routine to feature hot babes. Many of whom have ended up in lesbian entanglements with Amber Tamblyn. (For example: Odette Yustman, Brooke Lyons, Aly Michalka, and Natalina Maggio.)

But tonight’s repeat episode is drawing us again with Tiffany Panhilason showing up in tight clothes during a scene set in a gym–and we really have to wonder how much Two and a Half Men has done to inspire single guys to move to the show’s setting of Malibu. Tiffany can get us going to anywhere. We first noticed this built brunette on a 2011 episode of Castle that involved some crime amongst a Girl Gone Wild setting. Yeah, we wouldn’t have missed that episode. Tiffany stood out, though, and soon had us looking up more about this rockin’ babe.

Actually, it turns out that Tiffany was literally rockin’ as a member of a hot all-gal band called the Darling Stilettos. That might have explained why Tiffany wasn’t making too many acting appearances–but we were downright thrilled when she showed up in the cast of the retro sex comedy Dumbbells. That movie is coming up fast, and you can see some of Tiffany’s fine assets in the trailer here.

We’ll also see Tiffany paired with See Her Tonight favorite Chasty Ballesteros in the upcoming indie The Grounds.  That’s got us convinced that the film industry is finally catching up to Tiffany. We’ll be following that via Tiffany on Twitter, and  looking forward to a rockin’ 2014 from this amazing gal–who’ll start rockin’ you right now…

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