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Middle-School Basketballer Poisons the Other Team’s Gatorade



A middle-school athlete in South Carolina wanted his team to win the big basketball game–but resorting to hard work, determination, and good sportsmanship wasn’t enough. He needed something else to give them an edge. Apparently, it required committing a possible felony. [Image via NeeDeeAhh!/Flickr]

According to a FOX affiliate in South Carolina, that unidentified middle-school student allegedly poured bleach into the opposing team’s Gatorade cooler during a recent game. The symptoms didn’t show up in any of the players until a couple of days after the big game. The player who suffered the most serious symptoms complained later that his lips were burning after drinking four cups of the stuff. Then a few days later, he started to complain of stomach pains. That’s when rumors started surfacing that someone may have spiked the team’s drink cooler.

The student eventually received a text on his cell phone that “somebody text [sic] him and told him they put bleach in the Gatorade.” Thankfully, the student wasn’t seriously injured and no other serious cases of sickness have been reported thus far.

Police confirmed that the unidentified student did spike the opposing team’s drink with bleach but noted that he did not intend to harm anyone. What possible reason could their be for such a horrendous action? The case may still be under investigation but why else would someone pour a poisonous liquid into someone else’s drink? Were they just trying to help their insides look their brightest and whitest?

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