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Kia Hires “The Matrix’s” Morpheus For Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]



The folks at Kia tapped a member of the Zion resistance to help them sell some cars during Super Bowl XLVIII–and it’s a pretty odd choice for a commercial spokesperson. The car company hired Laurence Fishburne to don his Morpheus coat and snap-on sunglasses , and have already posted the entire thing on their YouTube channel. It features the freedom fighter appearing before a couple enjoying a night out and offering them the chance to experience pure luxury in a moderately inexpensive car.

Believe it or not, that’s when it starts to get weird. Considering this is based on The Matrix, that’s a special kind of weird. It’s the kind of weird that if you dreamed it, you’d immediately write it down so you could be sure you’d tell your therapist during your next session.

Plus, picking Morpheus to hock a car in a commercial is a bit of an odd choice. It’s not that we’ve got anything against the character, the car maker or even the movies. It just feels wrong that the leader of a galactic resistance dedicated to opening people’s eyes would use that same power to sell cars. Then again, he probably needed something to do for a living after The Matrix’s demise. Kia could have made a much better choice for a spokesperson if they really wanted to sell some cars–like bringing in Cowboy Curtis from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, or maybe Fishburne’s porn-star daughter. If it was the latter, we’d be out the door and headed to our nearest Kia dealership right now.

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