Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer In Body Paint for The Chive [VIDEO]

Arianny Celeste and Britnney Palmer have the best sporting outfits ever in this new video made with the fine folks at TheChive. Now, we’re not saying that it’s specifically about any specific sport. Or, you know, any specific game. There seems to be some kind of big game going on here, but Arianny and Britnney make a much bigger commotion over an Ultimate Fighting Championship event. More specifically, we’re talking about the upcoming¬†UFC 169,¬†featuring a brawl between Renan “The Baron” Barao and Urijah “The California Kid” “Faber.
This video, however, seems to be more about the dueling bods of Arianny “Too Good For Us” Celeste and Britnney “Won’t Give Us The Time of Day” Palmer. Is this the “big game” the we keep hearing about here? We’re pretty sure that Arianny and Britnney are representing some kind of rivalry by the colors that get painted upon their naked bods. This big game might involve some kind of superlative Sunday, but the UFC has their big event on Saturday, February 1st, and we think that’s worthy of plenty of nachos right there. But first, you’ll want to pull up a seat for this amazing footage…
[protected-iframe id=”80bf68da2fb3143eb4b115933419d060-3508545-34451079″ info=”″ width=”533″ height=”300″]
Yeah, we think anything short of a massive UFC brawl won’t seem nearly as big now. Still, just in case you’re up for more action, check out more of Arianny below. It’s an amazing collection of GIFs that’ll get you worked up more than any big sporting weekend ever could. Well, unless you add the possibility of nachos. These GIFs don’t come with nachos…

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