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Underbutt is the New Underboob [PHOTOS]



We here at COED have always done things half-assed, and we’re thrilled to see the ladies finally joining the movement. We’re even more thrilled to see gals putting an end to hot pants and heading straight into scorching territory. It’s a bold new frontier in cut-offs as fashion-forward femmes bare their butts in amazing new styles that nearly cut off our circulation–and it’s exactly the kind of cultural movement that needs to be closely examined.

Very, very closely examined. We’re obviously looking at a new kind of Southern exposure that’s meant to balance out the underboob movement. We’re very fond of underboob, of course–in general displays of hot celebrity underboob, or all kinds of hot normal gals. We like underboob as immortalized on Instagram, or even when part of a cultural movement, as with some awesome Asian underboob. Furthermore, soccer underboob. It’s a thing.

So we could list underboob all day, but it’s now time to look to the new world of underbutt. Especially since we’re not going to be seeing much underbutt around the COED offices for the next several months. We’re in the midst of a deep freeze, which is all the more reason for us to take a break from our misery and do some in-depth analysis of the amazing underbutt trend. We’re looking at 86 prime pics of the underbutt movement in all of its glory–and as seen as places that are above freezing temperatures. That has to be somewhere in America, right? Even if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those places, you’ll still appreciate the leisurely looks here…

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