Grammys 2014: The Breast of the Red Carpets [PHOTOS]


It was a big night at the Grammys for a lot of winners, and a lot of gals seemed to be contending in the Celebrity Sideboob category. Which, of course, made winners out of us all. Not that every female on the red carpet came through for us. Katy Perry was wrapped up tight in chiffon, and Ciara showed off her curves while also showcasing her pregnancy. That’s alright for a fetish site, but not really our idea of a turn-on.

Fortunately, the Grammys (and a few parties surrounding the event) still had a lot of femme celebs grabbing the attention of the fotogs. There were a few old favorites like Chrissy Teigen, who actually rates two pics here with the poses at an early Grammy party and the actual event. Rita Ora didn’t disappoint with an appearance at a pre-Grammy brunch. Maria Menounos and Anna Faris didn’t go with plunging necklines, but still managed to get a rise out of us.

You’ll also find fine names like Audina Patridge, Alicia Witt, and Joanna Krupa. (Kudos to Krupa for┬áthe Grammys’ biggest bid for attention.) And you’ll see that we keep this collection very well-rounded with some bonus tributes to ladies who preferred to flaunt their fine assets from behind. Those include Skylar Grey, Mena Suvari (again at a pre-Grammy party), and even Paris Hilton.

Hey, she made a record once, right? That explains why Paris was there, and it was a pleasant surprise to see her still able to work the red carpet. Now check out the rest that’ll give you a #1 with a bullet…

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