Chiodos streaming new single with Craig Owens, new album out On April 1st

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Michigan’s star rockers (and pioneers of the early 2000’s screamo phenomenon) Chiodos have announced an April 1st release for their new album. Devil is the band’s first release since frontman Craig Owens and drummer Derrick Frost returned to the band’s lineup. That was after a long hiatus which saw Craig overcome a dark struggle with drug addiction. Produced by storied rock talent David Bottrill (known for his work behind the scenes with Tool, Muse, and Stone Sour), the album is positioned perfectly to light up rock radio while reconnecting Chiodos with the fans who couldn’t relate to the group after Craig’s departure.

Multi-instrumentalist Brad Bell lauded the experience of working with veteran producer Botrill: “Working with both Botrill and Josh Wilbur, who mixed the album. was a blessing. Going into it, I was a huge fan of their past work, and the sacrifices they made to work with us showed their dedication and true passion.”

Devil isn’t something I thought long and hard about,” Owens explains of the writing process, “It is something that hit me, and hard. I asked myself if I was brave enough to stand behind such a strong, emotionally evoking word–and I knew right then, that was it. This title is not to be confused with the muscled red-horned man surrounded by fire. This is about the temptations of everyday life; the things that become regrets; the moments where you are forced to make a choice that will determine how it is that you look at yourself for the rest of your life. This album is my definition of Devil.”

On the matter of resolving differences, “We’re trying to do things right, now,” Owens continues. “We had a lot of work to do, and what’s different now is the way we communicate. Every once in awhile, we catch ourselves getting into old habits, but we know how to deal with that now. We’re more mature and know how to listen to one another and communicate. We’re different people now, and that makes our experiences together different and working together different–for the better.”

The first single from the album, “Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now,” can be streamed here, and the album’s full track list is below.

Devil‘s tracklisting is:
1. U.G. Introduction
2. We’re Talking About Practice
3. Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now
4. Why The Munsters Matter
5. 3 AM
6. Sunny Days & Hand Grenades
7. Duct Tape
8. Behvis Bullock
9. Looking For A Tornado
10. Expensive Conversations In Cheap Motels
11. I’m Awkward & Unusual
12. Under Your Halo
13. I Am Everything That’s Normal

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