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Michelle Monaghan on “True Detective” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Michelle Monaghan on True Detective


Yes, True Detective has already gotten your See Her Tonight column truly excited over Alexandra Daddario, but we’re not going to neglect Michelle Monaghan. Never mind that she’s skipped shower scenes in favor of being scantily clad in her underwear. Michelle Monaghan is still one of True Detective‘s big stars, and she can draw our eyes away from the Grammy Awards anytime.

Most people discovered Michelle Monaghan in 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy, and she followed up that big hit with a role in the acclaimed indie crime film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang–where she was paired with Robert Downey, Jr. He enjoyed Michelle enough to bring her back as his love interest in 2010’s Due Date, but there was a lot going on in between those movies. Michelle was busy stealing scenes in hits like Eagle Eye and Mission: Impossible III, while also doing great work in smaller productions like Trucker and North Country.

At least 2007’s Gone Baby Gone got a lot of attention as the start of Ben Affleck’s comeback. The Heartbreak Kid was a big bomb for Ben Stiller, but Michelle had better luck in the romantic comedy Made of Honor, where her friendzoning of Patrick Demsey hit tragic proportions after she showed off her bod in a red corset.

Michelle still isn’t the big star that we expected by now, but that just means that she fits right in with other big talents hitting the small screen for True Detective. Now check out these pics to see why it’ll be a real crime if Hollywood doesn’t catch on this time…

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