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Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day With Hot Irish Chicks [PHOTOS]


Today is January 25th which means that it’s finally National Irish Coffee Day!

As the story goes, the Irish Coffee was invented in 1942 at an airport bar in a small town in Southwest Ireland called Foynes. After a Pan Am flight was canceled one cold winter evening, several passengers went to the bar to drink their troubles away. Joe Sheridan, the head chef (apparently old airports had chefs), created the Irish Coffee to help warm the disgruntled passengers. We’re not sure exactly what happened next, but hopefully the passengers all got super drunk before being quickly rebooked on a different flight.

In honor of National Irish Coffee Day, start your day off right by watching the above video and making yourself this classic cocktail. Usually people frown at getting drunk so early in the day, but they’ll quickly change their mind once you remind them about this holiday. After all, nothing legitimizes day drinking like an Irish holiday.


  • COED Writer