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Every SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue Cover In A Single GIF


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover History All

We won’t pretend that your proud COED staff slaved over this amazing GIF that flashes the beautiful life of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue before your eyes. We’re eager to share, though. It’s the best kind of eyestrain as you try to keep up with a busy bevy of babes who have graced the 49 issues of the notoriously hot magazine.

We’re always happy to go down Mammary Lane with the SI Swimsuit Issue, of course. There’s a proud history of things like the Swimsuit Issue being banned from high-school libraries, of course. The magazine also used to regularly outrage feminists, although that seems to happen less nowadays.

SI Swimsuit Issue

Hey, remember when Cheryl Tiegs pretty much defined the Swinging ’70s by being practically naked in a fishnet swimsuit? You’ll find that moment above, as well as all of the other covers that have caused outrage–although we’re mostly getting some great cheap thrills.

Don’t forget that you also get an exciting look at how the Sports Illustrated cover logo has changed over the years. There’s a lot of art direction on display here. There’s some amazing insight into font usage right there. We’re thinking that this GIF has all kinds of educational purposes–but we mostly like the sweet nostalgia of different guys remembering which Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue first landed on their adolescent radar.

We know that you’ll find a few old favorites here. And it won’t be long before this GIF is outdated, too. That’s good news–at least to us, because we didn’t put the labor into this GIF. Our profound thanks to those who did, though.

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