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Yvonne Strahovski: “I, Frankenstein” Star Animates Our Parts [40 PICS]


I, Frankenstein may not be thrilling the critics, but it has Yvonne Stahovski in IMAX 3D–so we’re estimating a $50 million opening weekend. That’s just from the Yvonne fans who’ve been hot for Stahovski ever since her days as a sexy superspy on Chuck. That cultish sci-fi action/comedy has a pretty dedicated following, and a lot of that was built upon the built bod of Yvonne Stahovski as Sarah Walker.

Of course, some guys already knew Yvonne as an awesome Aussie, but those were all of her fellow countrymen. The sensual Sydney gal landed her role on Chuck just three days after moving to Los Angeles. The show was able to stay on the air for five seasons, and then Yvonne moved on to Dexter on the Showtime network–where she stole the final season as the psycho killer of the title character’s dreams.

We were following all of that–including Yvonne moonlighting in body paint for the SoBe Lifewater brand. We were even big enough fans to build a collection of 36 sexy Yvonne Strahovski GIFs. We’re also pretty excited about I, Frankenstein. That’s because the story about dueling demons and heavenly gargoyles still sounds a lot more exciting than watching Barbra Streisand drive across America in The Guilt Trip. Not even Yvonne (or Seth Rogen) could get us into the multiplexes for that one.

So check out Yvonne here before heading off to the multiplex. Don’t worry about the I, Frankenstein reviews, since Yvonne already has a part lined up in the 24 miniseries that’s currently filming in London. These pics will get you primed plenty, too. We’ve added a few token LifeWater shots, of course, and a look at Yvonne in the Mass Effect video game–along with other fantastic photos that’ll animate your body parts…

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