WWE Diva Michelle McCool Has A Slammin’ Birthday [PHOTOS]

Who’s the sexiest of all the WWE Divas? We have a hard time choosing between built babes like Christy HemmeKaren Jarrett , Kaitlyn, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, and Rosa Mendes. Even then, we have to admit that some of these physically fit femmes aren’t to every guy’s type. We still can’t imagine the guy who won’t get all googly-eyed over the amazing Michelle McCool.

We like to think of Michelle as the fitness model who doesn’t really look like she could break our back with a Belly to Belly Suplex, but who’d also be a great date because she could do that to any guy who tried to muscle in our action. Gals like it when you let them handle physical altercations in dive bars. It shows that you’re too sensitive to fight, and enough of a feminist to let a woman do your fighting.

Anyway, Michelle McCool will be turning 34 years old on January 24th–and she’s still a big inspiration to any gal who wants to build a muscular body while still looking like a sex symbol. You can see all that yourself with these 40 physically fit photos–some of which include Michelle’s tag-team partner Layla. They work together under the name of LayCool. We’d start fantasizing about them together, but we’re a little out of shape and would probably strain our brain. You’re welcome to give it a try, though…

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