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Vanessa Hudgens Has Indie Film, Hot Indie Image For NYLON [PHOTOS]


Vanessa Hudgens NYLON 1

Vanessa Hudgens is all grown up, and she’s showing off her indie spirit–much like she did with Spring Breakers–in the new movie Gimme Shelter. It’s kind of a shocking movie, if only in the sense that it’s the only film you’ll see this year where [SPOILER] people prefer living in homeless shelters to huge mansions in New Jersey. We’re thinking that the meaning of the movie just might be going over our heads.

Vanessa Hudgens NYLON 3

Or maybe we were confused over how Rosario Dawson is playing Vanessa Hudgens mother in Gimme Shelter. We know that Rosanna’s character is a real mess who probably had a kid at a very young age, but–well, you know, we’re just not ready for Rosario Dawson to be playing a mom. We’re cool with Brendan Fraser as Vanessa’s father, though. He’s old.

Vanessa Hudgens NYLON 2

Anyway, Vanessa is promoting her edgy indie movie (playing as a limited release now) with a turn in the edgy magazine NYLON–and we like what they’ve done with the cover star. (We also liked what they did with Alison Brie.) The stylish magazine put Vanessa in two edgy shirts and then decided to get edgy enough to actually ditch this tired old concept of starlets wearing shirt, and giving us Vanessa in a bra. Why didn’t we ever think of that?

Vanessa Hudgens NYLON 4

Gimme Shelter has some other controversy going on, too–with a lot of folks embracing the indie as a pro-life movie, thanks to the movie mostly being about Vanessa’s character refusing to have an abortion. We have to concede that’s pretty edgy stuff for a movie that’s looking to play the art houses. But there’s no controversy over Vanessa being a real sex symbol. She’s 25 years old now, so let’s enjoy some pics to leisurely look back at how Vanessa has been working that over the years…

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