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London Elise Moore on “Rake” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

London Elise Moore on Rake


It’s no secret that your See Her Tonight column has a thing for stuntwomen like Sarah Molasky, Monique Ganderton, and Vanessa Vander Pluym–but we’re especially excited about the showbiz saga that’s part of tonight’s premiere of Rake on FOX. In case you weren’t planning on tuning in tonight, you should start reconsidering with the reminder that Sam Raimi directed tonight’s debut episode.

That probably means that he’s also a producer on this new show about a lawyer with some serious personal problems. It also probably means that Raimi liked working with star Greg Kinnear for the 2000 horror movie The Gift. Anyway, Sam Raimi has loaded the debut with lots of hot babes–including the ever-lovely Chasty Ballesteros in a small role. And we’re also getting the acting debut of London Elise Moore, which is really great news because Sam Raimi could’ve just kept her as his little secret.

Not that you can hide away a gal like London Elise Moore. She looks a lot like Michelle Williams–and we say that with a lot of confidence because London was Michelle’s stunt double for Oz The Great and Powerful. It’s true. That was London spinning around in the air when you saw the Good Witch battling it out with Mila Kunis at the end of the movie. London has also stood in for the likes of Eva Longoria and Imogen Poots.

And now we have London Elise Moore is coming to our living rooms, and that’s the kind of success story that we love. You’ll have to watch closely to catch her as a hot gal heating up a poker game, but we’re thinking that London’s day as a stand-in are about to be behind her. You’ll agree after standing by for these pics….

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