Justin Bieber DUI Gal Chantel Jeffries Is Worth The Bust [PHOTOS]

Need another reason to buy your Justin Bieber DUI “Frieber” t-shirt? Consider how Justin was hassled by The Man in the company of Chantel Jeffries–who sure isn’t your average model. Chantel Jeffries, in fact, can boast of a pretty unique look. She can also boast of having the rare modeling portfolio that seems to mostly feature selfies. Not that we’re complaining, though, since those selfies can get pretty sensational.
Anyway, Chantel is now suddenly famous for being the gal hanging out with the pop star during his recent arrest in Miami. Chantel isn’t a stranger to the rich and famous, though. She’s actually well known in certain internet circles for having dated Justin Combs (son of P. Diddy), and the 19-year-old has also been linked to folks like DeSean Jackson and Lil Twist. Hey, isn’t Lil Twist a good friend of Justin Bieber? It all comes together.
Chantel still didn’t have very many Twitter followers yesterday. That’s been changing regularly, though. Her Twitter account is quickly racking up plenty of followers–and, you know, that’s a good thing for Chantel. She sounds like a pretty smart gal with a dry sense of humor. That’s why her Twitter bio bills herself as, “Student. Model. Eyebrow connoisseur. Animal lover. Deep thinker.”
These pics here will inspire some deep thoughts. (You’ll want to check out her website, too.) There’s nothing generic about Chantel, and we think it’s kind of cool that Justin was hanging out with a gal who has a more exotic look. Check her out yourself–and we’d just like to add that Chantel is welcome to contact us for her very own “Frieber” t-shirt. We’ll send her one that’s nice and tight…

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