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Doutzen Kroes Birthday Overdose: Her 100 Hottest Pics [PHOTOS]


Doutzen Kroes is having a birthday–and, really, it feels like just yesterday when we had a big celebration over our favorite Victoria’s Secret model. That’s probably because we’re celebrating every day when we wake up and realize that we’re breathing the same air as Doutzen Kroes. Well, at least when she’s in New York City.

Anyway, Doutzen is turning 29 years old today. We’re actually having a hard time buying into the idea that she’s a year away from being all old and tired, though. It looks like Doutzen is still good for a few more decades of being a sex bomb. She sure hasn’t let motherhood slow her down. In fact, Doutzen started off 2014 in spectacular fashion, thanks to her modeling the Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra. That got us feeling pretty sporty.

She’s spending her birthday back in her native Netherlands, too. We’re a little less thrilled that Doutzen is there hosting a dance with that DJ hubby of hers, but it’s some kind of charity event, so that’s nice. Doutzen is working, too–since noted┬ádesigner Bjorn Borg recruited her to model his Fall/Winter collection. Doesn’t he know that Doutzen is almost 30 years old? That’s tolerant of the guy.

Anyway, we’re hoping that all of Doutzen’s birthday wishes come true this year. Especially the one that she has about becoming a Bond Girl. We’re not sure why Hollywood has been so lazy about jumping on the Doutzen Kroes bandwagon, but we’re ready to see a lot more of her on the big screen. And you can see a lot of Doutzen right here, as we collect her 100 hottest pics as a little present to ourselves…

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